The Third Shenzhen International Semiconductor and Emerging Applications Exhibition

The Third Shenzhen International Semiconductor and Emerging Applications Exhibition


Time: From July 2, 2020 to July 4, 2020

Location: Pavilions 1-2, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Event introduction:

The opportunities and growth of semiconductors come from the emerging application market!

With the rapid development of such emerging applications as AI, 5G, IoT, intelligent vehicles, intelligent sensing, optoelectronics industry, automatic driving, WIT120, VR/AR, wireless charging, in-screen fingerprint sensor, biological recognition, industrial Internet and smart factory, there will be greater growth opportunities for the semiconductor industry. The market size of AI in China is expected to reach 50 billion yuan by 2019. The penetration of application of some specialized analog chips as well as RF chips and sensor ships is accelerating. Driven by the significant growth in the number of device terminals and intelligent hardware used as well as the technical demands for high speed, broadband, low power consumption, high frequency and low delay, in the different market segments, sensors and MCU as well as power, electric power management, RF and storage related semiconductors will usher in a substantial growth.

The semiconductor market in China will expand even further as the global semiconductor industry shifts to mainland China. As is analyzed, the investment scale will exceed USD 170 billion in the next decade. The huge consumer demand market and industrial transfer opportunity as well as Shenzhen’s role as a pilot demonstration zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics and Shenzhens leading position in the Greater Bay Area are all the historical opportunities for the take-off of technologies and the semiconductor industry. In advantage of the pilot 5G communication and the construction of “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, Shenzhen is committed to building the third-generation semiconductor industry cluster, which will lead the rapid development of the high-end manufacturing industry in the fields of 5G mobile phones, electronics, semiconductors and new materials.

The Third Shenzhen International Semiconductor and Emerging Applications Exhibition will be held concurrently with the Fourth Mobile Phone 3C Smart Manufacturing Exhibition. It will be held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from July 2, 2020 to July 4, 2020, with a total exhibition area of 55,000 square meters. This exhibition is designed for more than a dozen applications of emerging industries, so as to keep pace with the industrial development trend. Dozens of leading chip semiconductor enterprises in the fields of emerging application, such as AI, automatic driving, IoT, 5G communication, intelligent terminal and intelligent sensing, will be invited to demonstrate their latest solutions to promote the effective combination of the semiconductor industry with the emerging application market, major corporate terminal users will be invited as visitors, and guidance will given to the factories specializing in design, manufacturing, packaging & testing, materials and equipment in cooperation and dialogue, so as to build an excellent platform for close cooperation and communication between hot market segments, emerging application terminal customers and semiconductor industry chain;

There will be more than ten industry associations participating in this exhibition as sponsors. More than 700 factories specializing in application, design, manufacturing, packaging & testing, material and equipment, including HiSilicon, SMIC, H-Grace, JCET Group, Nationz Technologies, Founder Microelectronics, Goodix Technology, Huatian and Tsinghua Unigroup, will be invited as exhibitors. This exhibition is also one of the best platforms for the visit and negotiation of the emerging application terminal and semiconductor industry chain or the professionals who are about to enter the industry.

Exhibition area:
55,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors:
More than 800

Number of professional visitors: More than 50,000

Review of
Semiexpo 2019 

Co-sponsored by China Communication Industry Association and Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, Jiangsu Semiconductor Industry Association, Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association, and Shenzhen Zhongrui Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. / Shenzhen Zhongxincai Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd., the “2nd China (Shenzhen) International Semiconductor Exhibition (Semiexpo 2019 for short)” was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from June 14, 2019 to June 16, 2019, while the 2019 Smart Factory Mobile 3C Automation Exhibition” was held at the same period. The exhibition area of this Exhibition was 47,500 square meters, with the duration of 3 days. Totally 593 exhibitors displayed new materials equipment and solutions for the 5G era in Pavilions 1, 6, etc., including intelligent equipment and advanced solution providers in the fields of semiconductor design, manufacturing and closed beta test, semiconductor display, mobile 3C automation, etc. represented by SMIC, BIEL, BASic Semiconductor, Nationz, Canaan, CR Micro, Shennan Circuits, SouthIC, Biwin, WG Tech, Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group, Taikan, Gashda, Linkhou, Topstar, Jidisi, Topsmt, Biaopu, Universal Robots, Selen Science & Technology, Liande, Yujing Machinery, Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment, HG Laser, KEYENCE, Intelaser, The 718th Research Institute of CSIC, ShenZhen AnDa Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xinyichang Technology Co., Ltd., Kincoto, TETE Semiconductor, Skyverse Limited and Lingdian Industry; the Semiexpo 2019 attracted plenty of visitors on its first day.

The Semiexpo 2019 attracted 36,234 group visitors from home and abroad, covering semiconductor manufacturing, design, closed beta test, wafer/silicon chip, materials and equipment, 3C electronics, 5G communication, automotive electronics, smart home appliances, smart terminals, AI, big data, cloud computing, smart display, smart manufacturing, robotics, smart home, smart medical, touch flexible display, industrial automation, vehicle-mounted display, IoT applications, smart life after retirement, smart city and other fields. Foxconn, Huawei, BYD, China Star Optoelectronics Technology, Gree Intelligent Equipment, Shenzhen Kaifa Technology, Zhejiang Firstar Panel Technology, BIEL, Skyworth and other enterprises constituted a group. The Semiexpo 2019 set up a most professional platform for communication and promotion in the semiconductor manufacturing industry and the field of 3C mobile phone automation manufacturing technology.

square meters
 of exhibition area

VIP group

professional visitors

Analysis of visitor data

Total number of visitors to the Semiexpo 2019:


14 June

15 June

16 June


Number of domestic visitors





Number of Foreign visitors











About 90% of the visitors said that they would like to recommend the exhibition to others.

About 91% of the visitors said that the concurrent forum held was very informative and professional.

About 92% of the visitors said that they were satisfied with the effect of the exhibition.

About 93% of the visitors said that they were intended to attend the Semiexpo 2020.


Data analysis of audience

I. Analysis of industries engaged in by audience


Semiconductor design, manufacturing and OEM enterprises

Semiconductor packaging & testing factories

Wafer manufacturers and silicon chip manufacturers 

Semiconductor material and equipment manufacturers

Home appliances and consumer electronics (mobile phones, wearables, mobile products, VR/AR)

Automotive electronics

IoT application, smart home, smart pension, smart city

Industrial IoT, industrial automation, high-end equipment, intelligent manufacturing, robot, UAV

Aviation and navigation, ship, military electronics industry

Rail, transportation, energy and chemical industry

Industrial investment funds

Other industries


II. Analysis of the work nature of audience


Engineer, quality control, procurement

Market development, marketing and sales

R&D and design


Company management

Education and research

HR and finance



Audience invitation program in 2020

• 500,000 professional databases, buyer matching meetings and procurement matchmaking meeting for one-to-one communication

• Send 1.5 million tickets to VIP audience by express mail throughout the year.

• Provide shuttle bus service for 500 VIP group buyers to participate in the concurrent summit and other events free of charge.

• Send 2 million SMS messages per month, and send exhibition & exhibitor news by 1.8 million E-mails per month.

• More than 50 media send exhibition & exhibitor news on line and off line.

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